The Clayton Account
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Thomas Clayton is a city trader working the markets in London’s Square Mile and living, financially, on borrowed time. But when he returns home to New York for his father’s funeral to discover he has been left nearly $50 million in a numbered Swiss bank account, he is at a complete loss to explain how his professor father could have come by such a sum. Whatever the explanation, the mysterious windfall has come at exactly the right time.

So he travels to Zurich, secures the funds, and tells his wife to make an offer on her dream country mansion. What Tom doesn’t know yet is that his father was being used as a ‘ghost’ to clean up dirty money by a New York laundry operation: really the money belongs to Carlos Morales, Medellín’s biggest cocaine baron.

Tom’s actions in Europe spark a murderous turf war in the Americas between the cartels in Medellín and Cali, involving a cast of bent lawyers, cops, undercover DEA – and transatlantic assassins who’ll stop at nothing or no one to make Tom pay his debt …

…and on London Stations





Clayton Russian


Hardcover Edition first Published by

William Heinemann 2008 (Random House)

Paperback first published by Arrow Books 2009  (Random House)

BUY DIRECT from the publishers

Digital Format 2009 by Cornerstone Digital (Random House)

Also available in Large Print 2009 from Royal National Institute for the Blind






“International deceit and intrigue in the tradition of the best selling Jason Bourne series and Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger.”

“Featuring a cast of crooked cops, undercover DEA agents and Colombian cocaine cartels, The Clayton Account is an epic global thriller.”

“Vidal uses the mechanisms of money laundering and currency speculation to good story telling effect.”

“Well told and the plot is complex without at any point losing the reader.”

“I was thoroughly gripped from start to finish.”


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