The Aztec
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Arrow Books (Random House) 1st July 2010

1936. As General Franco's Nationalists march on Madrid in the early stages of the Spanish Civil War, the Republican government authorises the evacuation of the country’s gold reserves. 7900 crates of gold leave Cartagena for Russia – but only 7800 arrive. The hundred missing boxes, if found today, would be worth over $200 million...

2004. Jack Hadley, a British visiting professor at the University of Salamanca, his girlfriend Mercedes and the enigmatic civil servant Rosa Uribe have been arrested on drug charges in the wake of an evening’s excessive partying. Hadley is facing prison, disgrace and possibly the end of his career, until the Spanish Secret Service offer him a surprising reprieve: Hadley is about to visit Cuba to interview the reclusive revolutionary Jesús Florin – better known as the ‘The Aztec'. The Spanish intelligence chief believes Florin knows the location of the missing gold and coerces a reluctant Hadley into his service.

Switching between Florin’s past and 2004, The Aztec is a gripping international thriller full of double agents and deception, where no-one seems to be sure who's pulling the strings or why.

Spanish Edition
”El Oro de Moscú”
Ediciones B, Barcelona, 1st November 2010

German Edition
Blanvalet, Munich
February 2012


“A thriller on a Global Scale”

“A complex story builds to a cracking standard”

“This book is pure gold”

“The plot is fabulous, just as you think you fathomed it, another layer unfolds, just like a Babushka doll”

“As much pleasure as you can get from reading fiction”

“a powerful narrative grip with a good sense of history”