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Welcome to my website. I’m told that everyone should have one – especially if you have something to sell – and I shall dedicate these pages primarily to my favourite pursuits: writing and flying

The former comes under two guises – novels and journalism. They are both relatively recent developments in my life but nevertheless hugely satisfying and personally rewarding.

My first novel, The Clayton Account, was first published in 2008 and my second, The Aztec, came out in July 2010. I am currently working on my third.

My journalistic journey started ten years ago with an article in the Financial Times though it was only in 2007 that I wrote the first of my contributions to the Going Places series in Today’s Pilot magazine.

If you click on the buttons alongside you can read details of all the above.

about myself

I was born in Argentina, came to England in my early teens and soon discovered the dubious joy of boarding school at Prior Park College in Bath.(www.priorparkschools.co.uk)

After a couple of disappointing years trying to study Engineering in Bristol (what on earth ever made me do that?) I abandoned ship and made for the magnetic pull of sixties London.

Earning money and travelling the world proved a more appealing option than undergraduate life – though I did, eventually, attend London University www.bbk.ac.uk and took a First in Spanish & Latin American Studies.

 I joined the international sales department of a Hong Kong-based trading organisation that sent me first to Germany and later to the Far East. I remained with them until 1973, becoming a director and in turn working in Hong Kong, Manila, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bahrain, Dubai and all over the USA.

In 1974 I started my own trade consultancy business in Dubai and moved it to London in 1979. From London we catered primarily to clients in the banking world and my work took me frequently to foreign parts until reaching virtual retirement in 2003. I say ‘virtual’ because by then I had become very involved with flying – as director and co-owner of a flying club in Kent (www.lyddaero.co.uk) and the writing bug was seriously starting to bite.

I met my wife, Vivienne in 1973 and we have been together ever since. We have two children – twins – now in their thirties. William works in Media and lives with his wife, Rachel, in London. Victoria is a Veterinary Surgeon and lives with her husband, Peter, and their daughter, Fleur, in Kent.